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What is The Zone Report?

The Zone Report is a fan-controlled media outlet created by fans for fans. We wanted to give the true die-hard fans a place where they can express their thoughts and emotions about their team…so we did!

Along the way, we will be coming up with cool collaborations with pro athletes and brands to give our community the most exclusive inside experience possible.


Whether it be team updates, hot takes, or the latest gear we’ve got every sports topic covered here at The Zone Report…

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Meet Our Contributors

Kilty ClearySports Writers
Kilty is a regular contributor for sports news sites like Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and countless others.
Mike VivaloSports Influencer
Mike is a New York native and sports enthusiast who has been in the radio industry for decades. He’s known as the “Jimmy Fallon of Sports” and his color full takes help to bring a unique perspective to his content!
Tommy WyherSports Writer
Tommy Wyher is a former NCAA swimmer at UNC and has since gone on to be a trusted voice in the online sports coverage industry.

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