About Mike Vivalo

Mike Vivalo, a distinguished journalist and sports aficionado, is the epitome of the “Jimmy Fallon of Sports.” Renowned for his Sam Rothstein level sports gambling expertise, Mike is not just a journalist but a multifaceted professional with a passion for both sports and software.

With a remarkable career journey, Mike has co-led a successful product launch in Real Estate Software Solutions and played a pivotal role in building and exiting a sports media business. His diverse skill set encompasses sales management, creative business development, strategic partnerships, new product launches, branded content, and fostering a dynamic sales and marketing culture.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mike’s commitment to family shines through his collaborative effort with his three kids in creating and launching ‘Grocery Stars.’ This kid-focused intellectual property seamlessly combines the worlds of sports and food, aiming to make healthy eating cool.

In the expansive realm of sports and software, Mike Vivalo not only excels but also aspires to intertwine these two passions in his professional journey. With a genuine love for meeting interesting people and building an inspiring network, Mike continues to make his mark in the Sports and Software world. Join him on The Zone Report as he shares his insights and unique perspective on the intersection of sports and lifestyle.

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