Get your NFC Least jokes out now, because they won't be funny in 2016

David Steele, Sporting News

Laugh at the NFC East now, while you still can. You’re completely entitled. The material just keeps on coming, including Tuesday night with the Chip Kelly bombshell.

But the laughter stops next year. The division that was a punchline all of 2015 will be back in 2016. This season will prove to be the exception, not the rule.

And it won’t just be one team bursting free, like the Panthers did from the smoldering ruins of the 2014 NFC South.

What are the odds of every team in the NFC East — Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia and the Giants — cratering again? Having the same disastrous wave of injuries hit them? Make the same catastrophic series of player moves? Showing up with the same bare-bones, depth-deficient rosters? Losing in the spectacularly comical/weird/cruel ways they often did?

Think about it. Tony Romo broke his collarbone twice. Jason Pierre-Paul blew off his fingers with fireworks. The defending NFL offensive player of the year, DeMarco Murray, was demoted to third-string. Robert Griffin III was a starter going into the third preseason game, and was inactive by opening day.

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