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Swimming is on the rise in popularity due to the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games to be held in Paris, France. Swimming is the ultimate workout as it pairs a high heart rate with a full body workout. Selecting the right gear is especially important when swimming. Comfort along with protection from chlorine and the sun is important when it comes to training in the pool long term.

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Best Gifts for Male Swimmers

Arena Men’s Powerskin Carbon Core FX SL Limited Edition Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

Arena Mens Powerskin Carbon Core Swimsuit - Best Gifts For Swimmers

Arena is a staple in the swimming community, with top international and domestic swimmers endorsing the brand. The extensive internal lining coverage, including Carbon Cage fabric, enhances core stability and body alignment, ensuring even compression and a secure feel. It’s even been said that compression abilities like these can delay fatigue. These Powerskin Carbon Core FX SL Limited Edition Jammers would be a real treat to anyone receiving them!

Mizuno Men’s Infinity Hoodie Mizuno Men's Infinity Hoodie - Best Gifts for Swimmers

Mizuno is another reputable brand that has a giant following. The Infinity Hoodie is perfect for a swim deck as morning practices tend to be cold especially when swimming outdoors.

TYR Poly Mesh Trainer Drag Suit

TYR Trainer Drag Suit

Drag suits add to resistance training and this suit by TYR also excels in rapid drying. It’s subtle drag effect will enhance your aerobic workout and boost speed when it comes time to compete.

Best Gifts for Female Swimmers

Arena Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge Back One Piece

Arena Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge Back One Piece

The Arena Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge Back One Piece is designed to deliver maximum comfort and chlorine resistance all the while spreading awareness with it’s pink floral designs to breast cancer. Arena suits are known for durability even when challenged with the sun. Made of 100% Polyester MaxLife, Arena’s most long-lasting fabric the swimmer in your life won’t be disappointed with this find.

UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo 7oz


UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo is perfect for any swimmer looking to remove chlorine build-up which can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. Chlorine can even change the color of your hair and so it’s best to apply soon after you exit the pool! 

Women’s Powerskin ST Next Limited Edition Open Back Tech Suit Swimsuit


The Women’s Powerskin ST Next Limited Edition Open Back Tech Suit Swimsuit is a quality, and stylish tech suit. With long-lasting compression this tech suit is the perfect fit for reducing water absorption and drag. Made with over 60% recycled materials, this FINA  approved suit is a must-have for all competitive swimmers.

Best Christmas Gifts for Swimmers

TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack III


The TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack III could be the perfect Christmas gift for any swimmer. Breathable mesh venting facilitates quicker drying and drainage, ideal for storing wet gear. Lightweight and functional, this backpack is provides quick access to your gear with a barrel-lock closure. Additionally, a side zipper pocket allows for extra organization, complemented by a built-in water bottle pocket.

StrechCordz with Paddles Bands SwimOutlet

StrechCordz with paddles can be a perfect addition to help improve conditioning outside of the water. The sport-specific movements can really take your swimming to the next level. A drawback can be that poor technique can lead to shoulder issues.

Best DIY Gifts for Swimmers

Swimming Photo Personalized Keepsake Ceramic Ornament Swimming Photo Personalized Keepsake Ceramic Ornament - Best Gifts for Swimmers

Getting an ornament of a swimmer in action can be a perfect stocking stuffer. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one can tell stories for many years to come! You can’t go wrong with a one of a kind gift like this!

SWIM TEAM Keychain Gift SWIM TEAM Keychain Gift on Etsy- Best Gifts for Swimmers

A personalized swim team keychain gift can be cherished by a swimmer for years to come. Small reminders to boost motivation are always appreciated gifts.

Swimmer Personalized Medal Holder Swimmer Personalized Medal Holder- Best Gifts for Swimmers

A personalized medal holder can be a perfect addition to any home. Otherwise, medals tend to get lost, especially if someone has been swimming for most of their life.

Custom Swimming Photo Collage Canvas

Swimming custom collage canvas

Capturing memories on canvas from a swimming career holds tremendous sentimental value. This collage is the perfect gift for any aged swimmer, highlighting their journey and achievements in the pool.

Best Gifts for Swimming Coaches & Instructors

Colorado Portable Pace Clock

Colorado Digital Pace Clock

A portable pace clock can allow multiple groups to do a workout at different ends of the pool. Take the time to look into battery options as a drawback is some clocks require an electrical outlet. The pace clock is a staple of any swimmer trying to do any form of interval training.

Women’s Long Sleeve Zip Front UPF 50+ Rashguard


Stay protected from UVA and UVB rays this summer with SwimOutlet’s Women’s Long Sleeve Zip Front UPF 50+ Rashguard. Its convenient zip-up design with flatlock seams to prevent chafing makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking for comfort and UV protection.

Fox40 Classic CMG Safety Lifeguard Whistle Plus Lanyard Fox40 Classic CMG Safety Lifeguard Whistle Plus Lanyard - Best Gifts for Swimmers

The Fox40 Classic CMG Safety Lifeguard Whistle Plus Lanyard is a staple for any coach or lifeguard. Don’t miss out on this classic, complete with a comfortable lanyard.

Gifts for Swimmers FAQ’s

Where can I find the best gifts for swimmers?

SwimOutlet.com has excellent prices and equipment many swimmers use at all levels. 

What are some essential items every swimmer would appreciate as a gift?

Goggles are always a great gift, as swimmers frequently misplace them. Other essentials would be a durable water bottle to stay hydrated during a workout or swim meet. 

Are there any specific considerations when choosing gifts for competitive swimmers versus recreational swimmers?

Speed is the object of competitive swimmers in meets. Swimsuits for competitive swimmers should be very tight and can be uncomfortable. Even competitive swimmers opt for comfortable suits in practice, much like recreational swimmers do at all times. Competitive swimmers can be picky about what they wear at a meet, so keep this in mind. 

How can I ensure that the swim gear I purchase as a gift is of high quality?

Trusting brands like Speedo and TYR can ensure quality as top professional swimmers wear use the same gear. 

Are there any personalized or creative gift ideas for swimmers?

Caps and towels can bear a swimmer’s name or a nickname. Most swim teams have team caps with names that can be added. 

Can I find swim gear suitable for swimmers of all ages and skill levels?

Sizes are available for all ages and skill levels. Gear is primarily dependent on what a swimmer is comfortable in while in the pool. 

What are some unique gift ideas for swimmers that go beyond typical swim gear?

Personalized plaques for achieving a goal in the pool can be a nice commemoration of the hard work a swimmer has put in. 

Tommy Wyher, a former college athlete with ACC championships and school records at UNC, is a top contributor to The Zone Report, infusing his seasoned perspective and profound passion for sports into the platform.

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