Would the real Doug Martin please show up?
/ Buccaneers

By Hockey Duckie

Pro Football Focus put a missed tackle stat on Doug Martin going into free agency.

PFF, Martin Missed Tackles

Those years with high missed tackles were also the years that Doug Martin was invited to the Pro Bowl. Why are there two extremes? Did Martin benefit from a strong offensive line or is Martin lazy? Could it be both?

The more I write and track about Bucs football, the more depth I develop about the game as well as notice it really is a team effort to get some kind of production. I have written articles about Martin before, one article before his 2015 Pro Bowl season and another article trying to discover if it was Martin degrading or the offensive line just not doing their job in 2016.

Doug Martin, Bell Cow. This was me predicting that Martin was not washed up as a running back before 2015 season.

Run Deficiency, RB or OL? This was me digging up numerous references proving that Martin was running the same way in 2016 as he did in his Pro Bowl 2015 season.

Last year, I found references that RB Jacquizz Rodgers would not be used often in Zone Blocking Scheme (ZBS) runs, but Doug Martin would be because he excelled at it. Trevor Sikkema had written about it. The other scheme run would be Gap/Power/Man. ZBS would slide left or right, often with an OL traversing into the second level. A running back would have to be patient as they are also running laterally and waiting for a lane to open up to cut into. If the OL did make it to the second level, then the running back has a chance to garner more yards. In Gap scheme blocking, the OL is accounting for head assignments, not an area like ZBS. The movement is a North-South push, usually getting positive yardage. An OL can pull off the line and into a different gap to help create a mismatch into that new gap and springing the running back for more...

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