#WomanCrushWednesday: Chatting with Houston Rockets In-Arena/Web Host Shelby Coppedge
/ Rockets

By Kelly Cohen

Editor’s note: Hey all! So as you know, sports are still male-dominated. This is not to say that women aren’t excelling in sports because guess what … they are! As a way to showcase this, I am looking at publishing interviews on Wednesdays showcasing women working for the Houston Rockets organization. Nothing makes me happier than women thriving in the NBA. If you are reading this and know of any women in the Rockets organization that would love to be part of this #WomenCrushWednesday series, please let me know! I would love for it to be a weekly thing, but for now, I am hoping it is at least monthly.

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For the first installment of #WomenCrushWednesday, I chat with Shelby Coppedge (find her here on Twitter or here on Instagram). She is the Rockets In-Arena/Web Host and also is the team’s Sales Executive. Enjoy! [A disclosure that this particular was done via email, and that it has been briefly edited and condensed for...

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