With Super Bowl complete, 'Browns Season' is underway
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By Pat McManamonESPN Staff Writer

The Super Bowl has ended, and that means the season of the Cleveland Browns officially has begun.

"Browns Season" annually takes place from February through June. Yes, it’s the opposite of the usual team’s season, but that’s just the way things have evolved in Cleveland.

Typically called the offseason, in Cleveland it's time for the annual orgy of excitement and expectation, aka Browns Season.

This time typically revolves around three events/beliefs:

Relentless discussion about the draft, an event that in Cleveland has become known as the “Browns' Super Bowl.”

Excitement and chatter over free agency, a time when fans believe every player will join the Browns and all who do will soon be Pro Bowlers.

The resolute belief that every player drafted or signed will in the end be the best player ever to play for the Browns at his position.

There is no shortage of optimism and excitement during Browns Season and no shortage of belief that these are the moves that will change the team's fortunes.

This offseason promises to be especially momentous. The Browns have nowhere to go but up. An 0-16 team can’t get worse, though if ever a team were to challenge that truth, it would be the...

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