Will the Philadelphia Eagles see Ezekiel Elliott in Week 7?
/ Eagles

By Geoffrey Knox

Might a meeting between Ezekiel Elliott and Roger Goodell mean the Philadelphia Eagles face a Cowboys team in Week 7 that won’t have their star running back in the lineup?

It may seem like forever ago, and it may be hard to believe now. Once upon a time, the Philadelphia Eagles had the second-overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, and there was, actually some discussion as to whether or not they’d go with a can’t-miss running back over a franchise quarterback.

It wasn’t much of a discussion, but it was one that did exist.

Philly had seemingly learned from a similar debate that raged in 1999’s NFL Draft. In that one, Eagles fans were of the hope their team would take running back Ricky Williams over quarterback Donovan McNabb. That didn’t happen, and Philly made a wise decision in that one.

This time around, the overwhelming theme was ‘The Birds’ would take the man they thought could grow into their franchise quarterback, Carson Wentz.

Still, even with the knowledge of that, there was a small contingent in the fan base that thought the better option was taking Ezekiel Elliott. Hindsight may have 20-20 vision, but Philly’s fan base is all on board now. Thank goodness that didn’t...

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