Will Nets look to improve 3-point shooting this summer? You bet
/ Nets

By Bryan Fonseca

We know the Brooklyn Nets love shooting, deep shooting ... breaking records for 3-pointers, attempted and made as a team and in Allen Crabbe’s case, as a player.

They came within one three of breaking the NBA record in a late season game vs. the Bulls. If only Spencer Dinwiddie’s last minute shot hadn’t gone in and out ...

In fact, toward the end of the 2017-18 season, we saw the team morph into the playing style Kenny Atkinson wants to see from his club. After the All-Star Break, the Nets were fifth in 3-point shooting percentage. Overall, they finished 19th for the season after a woeful start. That’s up from 26th in Atkinson’s first year.

Joe Harris, who came into the season with a goal of shooting 40% from three, led the team at 41.9% for the season and shot a league-best 47.1% after the All-Star Break.

“That’s just a personal goal of mine,” Harris said at training camp in the Naval Academy back in late September. “I hovered around 38 and 39 percent last year. If you look at all the top shooters in the NBA, guys that might be specialists — like how I see myself as a good shooter and specialist — they’re always 40 percent and above. So that’s a personal goal for me to get into that elite three-point shooting...

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