Will Mitch Schwartz finally go mainstream in 2019?
/ Chiefs

By Matt Conner

Is this the year that Mitchell Schwartz finally receives his due as one of the NFL’s top linemen and all the proper accolades that go with it.

To be frank, Mitchell Schwartz deserved this honor a year ago.

When we say mainstream, we don’t necessarily just mean appreciated. We also don’t mean recognized. When we say mainstream, we’re talking about the leap when a player becomes known to the casual fan, a player whose name is synonymous with the position he plays.

Schwartz is at such a point. He’s also been here for quite some time. Last year, Pro Football Focus called him the best offensive lineman in the entire National Football League and said he was among the league’s best performers both in run blocking and pass blocking. He was also named a First Team All-Pro in 2018, a leap forward from his consecutive Second Team All-Pro honors from 2016-17. Through it all, he’s never once been named to a single Pro Bowl.

Let say restate this: Mitchell Schwartz, a man honored in each of the last three seasons as one of the best (if not the best) at his position, has never been named to a Pro...

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