Will Mack Wilson be surprise rookie at Cleveland Browns training camp?
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By Dan Justik

The Cleveland Browns may not have a star-studded 2019 rookie class, but they have several players who could be surprises, including linebacker Mack Wilson.

Value was a common talking point about the Cleveland Browns 2019 NFL Draft class. There were some players that were perceived as reaches, but there were also some players who seemed like steals where the Browns drafted them, including Mack Wilson.

Wilson is one of the potential steals because of his surprising drop in the draft, as the Browns selected him in the fifth-round. There were a lot of questions surrounding Wilson, but it was widely believed he would be a second- or third-round selection.

Instead, the concerns about Wilson’s lack of development in 2018 and his long-term potential caused him to slide into Day 3 of the draft and ultimately landing with the Browns.

However, since joining the Browns and being a part of the team’s offseason program, he has reportedly impressed the Browns coaching staff. And if he continues to play like he did in the offseason during training camp, he could be the most surprising rookie during Browns training camp, according to Mary Kay Cabot of...

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