Will Grier's dad thanks Cam Newton for welcoming his son to Panthers
/ Panthers

By Bill Riccette

There’s a new quarterback in town for the Panthers, and while some QBs seem to get rattled when their team picks up a new passer in the draft, that has not been the case for Cam Newton.

Some fans and analysts seem fixated on the idea that Newton is not a good teammate, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Cam has been so welcoming to third-round pick Will Grier that Will’s father, Chad, took to Twitter to thank Newton for his generosity in taking Will in and welcoming him into the Panthers family.

As a Father, I couldn’t be more appreciative of @CameronNewton for the way he has welcomed my son to his new job. Great respect for him and a huge fan of the man he is!

— Chad Grier (@ChadGrier_) June 22, 2019

To be fair, it’s much easier for a quarterback to welcome a draft pick at the same position when he knows that rookie isn’t coming after his job. However, Newton is doing things right if Chad Grier is going out of his way to say...

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