Where the Atlanta Falcons stand heading into Week 6
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By Dave Choate

Where do the Falcons stand heading into their Week 6 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Glad you asked, and here’s our look at the team’s health and outlook for this week.

The roster is just about the same as it was a week ago, minus an injury or two. The Falcons haven’t made any outside moves, and Dan Quinn seemed legitimately excited to have some continuity this week, for what that’s worth.

That said, if the Falcons continue to get nothing from strong safety and linebacker, a move may be in the offing after this week.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Falcons will be without Grady Jarrett and Devonta Freeman again. They’ve held up fine at running back—though they could still use Free—so that’s not a major concern, even against a stout Tampa Bay run defense.

The loss of Jarrett continues to hurt, though, and hurt a lot. The Falcons were punchless against Pittsburgh without him, and they’ll need stellar performances from the likes of Deadrin Senat and Jack Crawford to even begin to make up for that. Terrell McClain, while capable of playing well, has been pretty quiet this...

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