Where some of Atlanta’s biggest position battles stand after the first preseason game
/ Falcons

By Dave Choate

If you’re wondering where some of the team’s biggest position battles fall at the moment, well, so were we. After Friday night’s game, here’s a closer look at the battles we’ve been tracking since the beginning of the year, with a longer look forthcoming for a muddled cornerback position later on in the week.

I’ve been in the front seats of the Luke McNitt since the Falcons brought him aboard, more or less, which is why I regret to inform you that Ricky Ortiz seems to be out in front at the moment. McNitt had a couple of nice blocks in pass protection, but Ortiz got on the field first and had better luck as a run blocker, so Ortiz is currently out in front based on game action.

Advantage: Ricky Ortiz

You’re trying to figure out who the #4 receiver is and which five or six guys will end up sticking on the roster, and I’m here to say that we’re absolutely not much closer to knowing that than we were before Friday night’s game. The returner gig is similarly open to interpretation, but it’s fair to suggest that Justin Hardy and Marvin Hall are still out in front for spots four and five, at the very least....

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