What's it like to be Kirk Cousins? Ex-Jet Neil O'Donnell has an idea
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By Rich CiminiESPN Staff Writer

Twenty-two years ago, Neil O'Donnell was the free agent on everybody's lips. He was 29 years old, coming off an AFC championship with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though free agency was a fairly new concept, everybody recognized it was unusual for a quality quarterback -- still in his prime -- to hit the open market.

Sound familiar?

O'Donnell was the Kirk Cousins of his era.

The money is bigger now than it was in 1996 -- a lot bigger -- and social media has ramped up the daily speculation, but there are parallels between O'Donnell and Cousins. The most obvious one is the New York Jets, who outbid the Steelers for O'Donnell and would love to steal Cousins from the other contenders when free agency opens next week.

O'Donnell's message to Cousins: Pick a team where you feel comfortable and can win a championship, and don't make it about the money.

"This isn't Kirk Cousins' first payday; he's been getting paid for a long time with the Redskins," O'Donnell said in a phone interview with ESPN on Wednesday. "It's easy for a lot of people to look at the money side of it and all, but I know a lot of people who have a lot of money who are...

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