What to watch for: Buccaneers-Titans joint practices
/ Buccaneers

By Ryan Doyle

The Buccaneers are headed to Nashville for a pair of joint practices with the Titans before they square off in Saturday’s preseason contest. Here are a few things to watch for.

Typically, joint practices bring their fair share of headlines. Potential scuffles and reports about how the offense or defense looks against another team are sure to create buzz over the next few days.

Just a year ago, Tampa Bay made noise for having three separate fights on one day of practice with the Jacksonville Jaguars. While head coach Dirk Koetter has enacted a zero tolerance policy for fighting, it’ll be interesting to see how he handles a possible exchange this week.

As reports come out of the practices, it will be another chance to see how the Buccaneers match up against a playoff team. News out of the practices could be a hint towards how the Bucs will fare in Saturday’s contest.

While fans won’t be able to catch every play on video, There are plenty of storylines to follow over the course of the two practice days.

This one is obvious. Although Jameis Winston won’t be spending much time with the first team, both quarterbacks will have extra motivation on Wednesday and Thursday. The top picks of the 2015 Draft will forever be...

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