What to expect when (if?) Le'Veon Bell shows up next week
/ Steelers

By Curt Popejoy

If he is to be believed, Pittsburgh Steelers running back is planning to report to the team in just a few short days. After the Steelers play the Cincinnati Bengals this week they will enter their bye week and Bell told ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler he plans to show up and get his season going.

But what will his return mean, exactly? Here are a few things to expect right off the bat.

First off, Bell is going to have to pass his physical. If rumors and social media are to be believed, Bell has spent far more time in the club than he has the gym. Would it be enough to keep him from passing a physical? Perhaps not but at the minimum, he might not be game-ready right out of the gate.

Next up could be a “random” drug test. During his off time, Bell was not subject to the drug testing policy because he wasn’t under contract. And again, if you believe social media things might not go well. Either way, after watching the way the NFL handled random tests with James Harrison, you can probably guess what is coming Bell’s way...

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