What to expect from Mike D’Antoni against the Warriors
/ Rockets

By Darren Yuvan

Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni seems to have finally done what everyone here at TDS has been asking for: expanded his playoff rotations.

He’s run a notoriously tight ship in years past, especially in the postseason, often times capping his rotation at eight guys, sometimes squeezing it down to seven. But with the Rockets infamously wearing down last season, and potentially useful players Sam Dekker, Montrezl Harrell and Troy Williams never seeing the light of day, it’s a refreshing development to see the coach utilize a nine-man rotation throughout the majority of the postseason thus far.

Sure, the Rockets are deeper this season than they were last year, but remember, D’Antoni was also known for a short bench in his other coaching spots as well. No, this is a recent development in his coaching philosophy that has thus far paid dividends this postseason and is one of the reasons the Rockets are 8-2 through the first two rounds and have been performing at or near the top of all playoff teams in postseason offensive and defensive efficiency.

It’s also the reason the Rockets have a chance to not only make this a competitive series against the Golden State Warriors, but to have a real shot at winning it against a modern NBA juggernaut....

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