What the Vikings have learned after the failure of John DeFilippo
/ Vikings

By Mike Greitzer

What type of wisdom has the Minnesota Vikings have taken from the 2018 hiring and firing of offensive coordinator John DeFilippo?

Everybody is looking for another John Madden, the linebacker coach that Al Davis audaciously made head coach of his Oakland Raiders at 32. In ten seasons, Madden won two Super Bowls, went to countless AFC Championship Games and retired with what is still the second-ranked winning percentage for NFL coaches.

We’ve seen scores of “young guys” get their shot in that endeavor. Some of the successes are Don Shula at 32, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, and Mike Tomlin at 34. But for every Super Bowl, there’s a bunch of names who fell in way over their head.

Mike Shula, Jim Mora, Jr., Raheem Morris, and Josh McDaniels are some of the names of the past, but nowadays, there are Adam Gase and Kyle Shanahan, whose head coaching record is five cumulative seasons is 33-47.

But there is also Sean McVay, who in his second season, took the resurrected Los Angeles Rams to Super Bowl LIII.

So the search will go on. Why hire old, crusty NFL coaching vets when you can sell tickets with a lean young guy with a decent haircut and a mod, trimmed...

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