What is Derek Anderson’s role with the Buffalo Bills?
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By Matt Warren

There were some interesting tidbits from Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott, rookie quarterback Josh Allen, and newly-signed mentor Derek Anderson on Wednesday. We learned Nathan Peterman would be the number 2, why the Bills brought in the vet, and what Anderson himself thinks he can bring to the table.

We also got some news from Mike Rodak of ESPN, who reports Anderson signed a 1-year contract with a $1.015 million salary for the season and a $58,530 signing bonus. Because qualifies for the veteran minimum salary benefit, his cap hit is just $503,236 after his salary is pro-rated for 12 weeks instead of 17.

Below are the transcripts from the media sessions on Wednesday:

Q: One day into the Derek Anderson time here. Obviously, he’s been with Josh [Allen] for the good part of yesterday. I know it’s early, but is there going to be some good synergy there in your opinion?

A: Yeah, I would hope. That’s part of why we did what we did. I’ve been around Derek in Carolina. Obviously, I was on the other side of the ball naturally, but I really liked his personality and the way he helped the football team, both when he played and then, primarily, his role down there was serving as a backup. He helped Cam [Newton] on and off the field a little bit there and [he’s] just a smart football player that’s seen a lot of NFL football over the years. [He] brings quite a bit to the table as far as that...

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