What are the Jets plans for the cornerback position?
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By Justin Fried

The New York Jets have made some great moves this offseason, but their plans for the cornerback position evidently remain unclear.

The New York Jets 2019 free agency period has been, for all intents and purposes, an overwhelming success. Sure they’ve missed out on addressing a few key areas but overall, the team is in a much better position than they were a couple of weeks ago.

But one positional plan that has been perplexing thus far has been that of the cornerback position.

While the focus going into free agency was primarily on beefing up the offensive line and adding an edge rusher — not to mention the everlasting saga that was Le’Veon Bell — one of the biggest positions of need was at cornerback.

With the expected departures of both Morris Claiborne and Buster Skrine, the Jets went into the offseason with just Trumaine Johnson as a viable starter under contract. Almost a week into free agency, and there still isn’t a clear plan for the position.

The Jets did sign nickel cornerback Brian Poole who is expected to take over for Skrine in the slot, but even that signing isn’t as promising as it may seem. Although Poole will be four years younger than Skrine at the start of the 2019 season, his skill set and more importantly his weaknesses are reminiscent of the recently departed former Cleveland...

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