We'll know about the future of NFL Sunday Ticket shortly
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By Michael Colangelo

Since television rights aren’t up until after 2021, there has been a lot of focus on the NFL’s Sunday Ticket deal with DirecTV — which is owned by AT&T — and whether the league should or should not expand its Sunday Ticket offering to other services. That decision reportedly has to be made sooner than later. If you’ve been listening closely, it sounds as if Roger Goodell and the NFL are seriously considering expanding DirecTV or at least opening up the bidders to other providers. Of course, that could just be posturing to secure a better deal with DirecTV.

DirecTV mostly uses Sunday Ticket as a carrot to potential customers. It’s the only place where out-of-market fans can get their games. Of course, you have to have DirecTV’s service to get Sunday Ticket on traditional cable/satellite — read: without some type of streaming delay. If you don’t think that’s true — and you have access to DirecTV — try asking a salesperson for free Sunday Ticket. You’ll quickly get that fee waived. DirecTV is much more interested in using DirecTV to get your monthly subscription fee rather than forcing you to pay for the package. They’ll take the loss to transition someone into a full-time monthly paying...

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