Well, It's Time to Clear Out Old Quarterback Merchandise
/ Redskins

By redskins writer

WASHINGTON — The cheapest item on the Washington Redskins’ online store is a Robert Griffin III hatpin, down to $0.95 from $8. The second cheapest item: the former starting quarterback’s jersey, down to $4.95 from it’s original $100.

That’s almost cheap enough to buy ironically (but not quite).

The Redskins have actually had two quarterbacks take over the starting reins since Griffin III, with the latest, Kirk Cousins, now also presumed to be on his way out of town (by one method or another).

Also on Tuesday, Cousins announced a flash, buy-one-get-one sale of merchandise in his own store:


The familiar refrain heading into free agency is that football is a business. Selling merchandise is also a business, and when its value dips to almost zero, it’s wise to recoup absolutely any money possible.

After all, after the Redskins officially complete the trade for new quarterback Alex Smith in March, boxes of his new jerseys will take the place of No. 10 Griffins and No. 8 Cousins in the stores and stock rooms. Likewise, Cousins will move on to a new team, likely on a long-term contract, and be able to buy bulk merchandise for his site, with a longer shelf...

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