Week 6 Panthers vs. Redskins: Picking up the pieces
/ Redskins

By By JP Finlay

Young children should not hear the truth about certain things in life, like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Maybe the real odds of winning one of those oversized stuff animals at the local county fair. 

The truth can just be too harsh for young children. 

Well, the truth might be too harsh for Redskins fans too after an abysmal loss to the Saints last Monday night. The game in New Orleans was embarrassing, a new low point for a team with a number of low points during the last decade. 

Still, and listen closely because this might be hard to fathom, there's a lot of football left this season. The Redskins remain firmly in the hunt in the NFC East. 

Washington is 2-2 on the season, and a win against the Panthers would give Washington a chance to catch their breath against the "cloud" of controversy encompassing the organization since the Monday night loss. Problem is winning isn't easy. 



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