Week 6 Advanced Statbook: Are Cowboys better than Jaguars at anything?
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By K.D. Drummond

As the Cowboys embark on their final preparations for the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars, there doesn’t seem to be much hope among the Dallas fanbase the club will be able to defeat a team that was in a conference championship a year ago. While Dallas’ defense has performed at relatively the same levels whether home or away, the offense has certainly functioned much better at the almost-friendly confines of AT&T Stadium. It’s well known Jerry’s World has never really afforded the Cowboys a home-field advantage, but they’ll need to improve to 3-0 there in order to save their season.

What do the advanced statistics tell us about the matchup?

DVOA is a metric devised by Football Outsiders which measures success on each play as compared to league average based on “a number of variables including down, distance, location on field, current score gap, quarter, and opponent quality.” The metric is outputted in “percentage points better than average”.

The higher a percentage the better on offense and special teams, the lower the better on defense.

Week 6 Matchup

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