Washington Redskins Training Camp Day 13 live updates
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By Scott Jennings

Redskins players and coaches held the twelfth day of training camp in Richmond, VA yesterday. Day 13 of practices starts today at 1:35 pm. The Redskins will be hosting the New York Jets for 3 days of joint practices starting today.

Morgan Moses goes down clutching his knee, Huge brawl between Redskins and Jets https://t.co/XHxx3Js4eS pic.twitter.com/KfXTD90eaG

Go up and get it, @SilkySims17!#SkinsCamp #HTTR pic.twitter.com/a6Wm1r5Zel

Trent Williams vs Leonard Williams

Trent wins. Easily.
Crowd looooved that on. #Redskins

And then Scherff bodyslammed a guy in the next rep. Crowd is very into it. Getting a WWE vibe out here

Jets d-line and Skins o-line scuffle briefly. Redskins had been getting the better of the session.

Snap five

Smith hits CT on a wheel route and CT is off to the races. Pure speed beats everyone. #Redskins

First one on one rep for Brandon Scherff? Leonard Williams.

Of course the #Redskins chose Scherff over Williams in the 2015 draft. Scherff held his own.

Snap four

Smith goes back to his safety blanket in Jordan Reed.

Tough catch but he made it. #Redskins

Snap two

Alex Smith throws deep right and the ball is picked off by #22 for the Jets. <a...

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