Washington Redskins post-NFL Combine 7-round mock draft
/ Redskins

By Ian Cummings

You can never have too many mock drafts during draft season. You just can’t.

The NFL Combine just ended. Thus, now seems like the perfect opportunity to concoct yet another Washington Redskins mock draft.

Now, I know I warned you not to weigh your opinions too much on combine performances. But don’t worry. In this mock draft, we factor in both tape and combine performance to give you our latest prediction at who the Washington Redskins will pick.

In this edition, the Washington Redskins fill a variety of needs, from a starting running back, to a do-it-all defensive back, and even a developmental quarterback in Round 7! But what are the names of these players, and who else will be coming to Washington? Turn the page, and see for yourself!

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