Warriors vs Kings preview: Summer League draws to an end
/ Warriors

By Brady Klopfer

The Golden State Warriors Summer League run is coming to an anticlimactic ending. After winning their first four games of the summer, Golden State has lost three in a row, and, win or lose, their summer season will end tonight.

This is hardly anything the team is worried about. In addition to the fact that Summer League results are meaningless, the Warriors have been dealing with minor injuries to their key players, and as a result, they’ve been very cautious and kept people out. Relative to other teams at Summer League, the Warriors have just started to run out of talent.

But that’s okay! Because it’s the games that aren’t played in July that matter, and we all know how the Warriors do in those ones....

The Warriors entered Summer League with three players that were both on the summer roster, and the regular roster: Rookie Jacob Evans III, second-year pro Jordan Bell, and third-year center Damian Jones. All three have missed time in July due to injuries, and all three will sit out of the final summer game.

This is much preferable to risking injury with these three, but it certainly makes the game a bit less intriguing for Warriors fans....

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