Wake up: Ryan Shazier's coaching sessions for Steelers begin early
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By Jeremy FowlerESPN Staff Writer

PITTSBURGH -- Ten months after suffering a severe spinal injury inside Paul Brown Stadium that shook fans, players and coaches at their cores, Ryan Shazier is preparing for a Cincinnati Bengals rematch.

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As an early-rising coach who has game footage ready to go at 7:30 a.m. sharp.

"He does the same prep as if he were playing that week," Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Tyler Matakevich said.

While on injured reserve for the 2018 season as he recovers from spinal stabilization surgery, Shazier is fulfilling his role as an unofficial linebackers coach. The 26-year-old is unavailable for interviews, but to hear teammates tell it, Shazier takes detailed notes from the defensive coaches' meetings and brings them to his linebackers on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

This group of eight players will essentially hear from Shazier before Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin to start the week's game prep.

Teammates always respected the two-time Pro Bowler's football acumen, but it turns out Shazier has inherited a coach's...

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