Vikings at Broncos Preseason 2018: Five Game-Changing Plays
/ Vikings

By Eric J. Thompson

It was a brief sample size, and none of it actually counted, but there was still plenty to be excited about.

The Minnesota Vikings beat the Denver Broncos 42-28 in their 2018 preseason debut on Saturday night. The first teamers on both sides of the ball looked great. A lot of the people on the second and third teams did not look great. And while we’re really not supposed to care much about these small preseason sample sizes, it was hard not to at least get a little excited about what might be to come after last night. So let’s dive into some of the more impactful plays while we keep reminding ourselves that it’s just the preseason.

A clean pocket. A great pass from the new quarterback. An amazing catch by the newly extended star receiver. I don’t know about you, but I was certainly...excited about this play.

Perhaps more importantly, Stefon Diggs and Kirk Cousins followed up this great throw and catch with a touchdown three plays later. Settling for three would have been a letdown on multiple levels, so it was nice to see them finish off the promising...

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