Tyreek Hill will meet with NFL officials on Wednesday
/ Chiefs

By Matt Conner

NFL officials are apparently ready to meet with Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill on Wednesday, per Adam Schefter’s report.

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter has word that the reports of National Football League officials plans to meet with Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill are not only true but that a date has been set for this Wednesday. NFL representatives are scheduled to fly to Kansas City for a chance to sit down with Hill as the league begins to figure out how to handle any potential punishment for the All-Pro wideout.

Hill has been ordered to stay away from the Chiefs during any and all team activities while authorities sorted out details in pending investigations. With the curtains drawing on those proceedings, at least on the legal ones, it’s apparently time for the league to figure out their role and response in all of this.

Hill has been the subject of an investigation by authorities into reports of child neglect and child abuse. Hill and his fiancee Crystal Espinal have been questioned by police and family court has also gotten involved to remove Hill’s three-year-old son from the house for his own safety. Hill’s son had a broken arm earlier this year, and that injury was at the center of the speculation around Hill’s potential involvement in the...

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