Trust will determine if audible issue is a positive or negative for Aaron Rodgers, Packers
/ Packers

By Zach Kruse

The more that’s said about quarterback Aaron Rodgers and coach Matt LaFleur and their issue over audibling in the new Green Bay Packers offense, the more it’s clear that trust will determine if the process is a positive or an eventual negative.

According to Albert Breer of, Rodgers and LaFleur are still figuring out how they’ll handle the quarterback’s ability to audible at the line of scrimmage. The way Breer explains it, the current plan is for LaFleur to give Rodgers some freedom at the line, both in terms of picking plays and adjusting plays and protections, while still maintaining the structural integrity of the system.

Time will tell if that’s enough for Rodgers, who understandably wants the power to use his encyclopedia’s worth of pre-snap knowledge to ensure he has the Packers offense in the right play every time.

LaFleur is just trying to make life easier on the quarterback, even if his new quarterback is a future Hall of Famer.

When push comes to shove, trust will be the determining factor.

Namely, how much will Rodgers trust the system? He’s been locked into one offense for over a decade, and that offense eventually gave him the freedom to do pretty much anything before the snap. It stands to reason that Rodgers fully embraced that power. For a competitor like Rodgers, that power will be hard to give...

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