Tre'Quan Smith opens eyes in Saints preseason opener
/ Saints

By John Sigler

The New Orleans Saints have a type at wide receiver that’s hard to quantify. He needs to run with a certain grace and move with a unique poise to succeed in their offense, harnessing a high ‘football I.Q.’ to know his responsibilities in one of football’s densest systems. Some players have all those qualities – Marques Colston, Michael Thomas, and Lance Moore come to mind – while others only check one or two of the boxes and leave without a long-lasting impact. Remember names like Joe Morgan, Adrian Arrington, Brandin Cooks, and Brandon Coleman?

The Saints identified two candidates who maybe had all those skills in 2018: Cameron Meredith, a Chicago Bears free agent, and Tre’Quan Smith, a rookie from the National Champion UCF Knights. Meredith has yet to make his New Orleans debut, but Smith has already gotten off to a strong start.

Smith led the wide receivers in snaps played (46) and all receiving categories, converting his 5 targets into 4 receptions for 48 yards. He was known as a deep target in college, but showed off more as a reliable hands-catcher on drags and comeback routes at intermediate range. But while Smith thought he performed well in the opener, Saints receivers coach Curtis Johnson quickly taught the rookie...

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