TRANSCRIPT: Rams HC McVay, DC Phillips, RB Gurley Oct. 11 presser
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(On the injury status of WRs Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp)

“They’re in good shape. They’re going to partake in individuals today and progressing along just like we had hoped. Things are looking good.”

(On what the progression is in terms of getting Cooks and Kupp available to play on Sunday)

“So really there’s a strategic protocol, just making sure we’re in alignment with the way things need to go with the doctors and everything like that. Based on yesterday, being able to take part mentally, they just took part in the walk-thru, they’re going to be able to do some individuals today. Then tomorrow, as long as they’re staying on track, they’ll be full participants in practice. Should be good to go for Sunday, unless there’s any setbacks.”

(On Coach Phillips previously coaching in Denver and with so many defensive players previously being coached by Phillips’ does the tape look like they’re going up against their own defense)

“There’s definitely some principles and some different things that (Broncos Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Joe) Woods and (Broncos Head Coach) Vance (Joseph) are doing that are similar to what (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) had done when he was in Denver and that we’re doing here. But then there’s also, you can just see that some of the things that Coach Joseph has done in his past, with some of the influence of his background. So there’s principles from both systems, but what you do see is a very sound system. With what they’re doing, they do it well. They have great players that are doing it. They play hard. Situationally they do an excellent job mixing it up early in the downs. They’ve got premiere players on all three levels and it’s going to be a great challenge for us. I would say it’s a mix, certain things you can see are very similar. They do some different things front structurally in the third downs than really what we do. But some of the stuff that they’re doing on the back-end coverage wise is a mix of both what Coach Joseph has done, and then what we’re doing...

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