TRANSCRIPT: LA Rams HC Sean McVay September 14 press conference
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(On CB Marcus Peters reportedly being fined over $13,000 for his touchdown celebration)

“The league makes those decisions. I’m not sure about that specifically, exactly kind of what they’ve come to. That’s up to the league. They make those decisions with regards to how they handle that.”

(On if he’s ok with the Peters’ celebration)

“Well here’s what I would say, he’s got a close relationship with (Raiders RB) Marshawn (Lynch). This was something that he had discussed with him before, if he was going to be able to make a play like that. So, I think it was a good way for those guys to kind of have an inside joke, laughing about it. I think it was all in fun and lighthearted. That was kind of how we looked at it and how I look at it.”

(On if he’s concerned at all about players going outside the bounds of what he wants them to do)

“No, that’s something that I don’t consider like that. If it’s something that truly hurts our football team with regards to the behavior and decisions we’re making in a game that’s a totally different deal. When it’s something like that, he had discussed with Marshawn before and he was kind of having fun with it. I think there’s a way of kind of balancing, when is it taking it too far and we certainly don’t think that was something that was taken too...

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