Trading into the 2nd Round? Miami’s Draft Day targets
/ Heat

By Matt Pineda

The Miami Heat will not enter next Thursday’s NBA Draft with a selection, but that won’t necessarily keep them from coming away with a player before the night is over.

Traditionally, acquiring second round picks is not that difficult of a task. It may cost a player, maybe a future pick, or two future seconds, but it is doable. And depending on where the Heat would like to pick in the second round, they can get it without giving up very much.

And that may be exactly what Pat Riley is hoping to do. While we aren’t certain, there has been rumors that they are interested in trading into the second round.

If they do this, I believe the Heat would be best suited to find a talented point guard who can help the depth chart behind Goran Dragic. The Heat have no true point guard on the roster after Dragic, and they used Tyler Johnson, Dwyane Wade and others to handle the ball when Dragic was out.

A second round player may not be a rotation player, but it would at least provide some depth when the need is...

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