Toronto Raptors: one surprise name kept, while a bunch are waived
/ Raptors

By Brian Boake

The Toronto Raptors made a bunch of roster moves today. Most were unsurprising, but keeping Chris Boucher was a shock. How can he help the team?

The Toronto Raptors made official what we predicted a few days ago, although there’s one player we got wrong. The team has waived Deng Adel, Eric Moreland, Kyle Collinsworth and Kay Felder. The departure of the last three was anticipated (we’ll come back to Adel later).

However, the last man standing was super-skinny tall (I can’t call him “big”) man Chris Boucher. He has agreed to an Exhibit 10 contract, which allows him to be assigned to the G League’s Raptors 905 squad. He can be called up to the NBA team under certain circumstances which are too tedious to be recounted here.

I assume the debate behind closed doors for the second of two Exhibit 10 contract recipients was a fierce one. No doubt the raw yet talented Adel had his champions, and Yours Truly would have been one of them. I liked his youth, his confidence, his versatility. More than that – none of the other wing candidates had advanced their cause much or at all. The Raptors have a place to stash Adel, but didn’t do it. Instead coach Nick Nurse has more front court...

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