Toronto Raptors new head coach Nick Nurse is the ultimate grinder
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By Mike Bossetti

Nick Nurse is a proven coach who has accomplished a great deal as both a head coach and assistant. Let’s take a look his resume to-date.

Those who claim Nick Nurse has no playing experience must not be aware of the midwest powerhouse known as Northern Iowa. It was there were Nurse started his playing career, appearing in 111 games and breaking the school record for three-point percentage (46.8%).

After a solid college career, Nurse took a role as a graduate assistant for the University. He coached as an assistant for just one year before taking a head position at Grand View University.

Of course in the small gap between seasons, Nurse managed to keep himself busy. During that time Nurse hopped across the pond after being hired by the Derby Storm as a player coach. Yes, that’s right a player coach in the 1990s. (The Derby Storm are no longer a franchise for what it is worth)

While Nurse’s first stint in Great Britain was short-lived, he would later return to the United Kingdom to make a more significant impact.

Nurse coached at Grand View for two more seasons, before taking a division one assistant gig at South Dakota. Yes, the University of South Dakota was the upgrade in this situation. (No offense, to USD which I am sure is a fine school, but is not exactly...

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