Tom Brady uses skiing film review post to scare fans
/ Patriots

By Patrick Morgan

Tom Brady took to Instagram to share a cheeky yet terrifying post wherein he reviews “game film” of daring ski jumps by himself and Lindsey Vonn.

In what has become a somewhat-funny, somewhat-petrifying annual tradition of sorts, 41-year-old quarterback and perpetual thrill-seeker Tom Brady took to Instragram on Friday to share a video of himself either doing or thinking about doing something reckless during the offseason.

Never mind that the collective pigskin hopes and prayers of an entire region of this beautiful country rest every year on the age-defying shoulders of this man. Brady doesn’t seem to care too much about the rampant anxiety his vacation exploits causes in his fans – if anything, he kind of seems to revel in it.

Whether it’s cliff diving, mountain biking, or in this case – skiing – Brady loves to torment his own adoring Patriots fanbase by sharing videos of his adrenaline-junkie side.

In this particular post, Brady welcomes his over six million followers into what appears to be a film review session. The New England QB is of course famous for his love of studying NFL game tape for hours upon hours, but in this video, we see him analyzing footage of a fateful ski jump he attempted two years ago in Montana – a jump he apparently injured himself in pretty badly after taking to the air out of balance and landing in a...{"ci"%3A0%2C"os"%3A950.7615800000053}

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