Todd McShay's mock draft would make Browns giddy
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By Pat McManamonESPN Staff Writer

Todd McShay’s latest mock draftInsider produced the results most are predicting for the Cleveland Browns.

McShay has USC quarterback Sam Darnold going first and Penn State running back Saquon Barkley going fourth.

It makes sense and it’s logical, and if forced to predict today what would happen, this is the likely scenario.

The debate that will rage until draft night isn’t whether the Browns will take a quarterback first; they will. The debate is which one.

Mel Kiper Jr. had the Browns taking Josh Allen of Wyoming. McShay gives them Darnold. Given his desire not to be in Cleveland, Josh Rosen (UCLA) is generally projected to the New York Giants with the second pick. Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma) is also in the discussion.

But the Browns prefer big quarterbacks, and while Mayfield is a different player than Johnny Manziel, his on-field swagger and off-field issues can’t be ignored. Having gone through Manziel, it’s tough to see the Browns willingly seeking such potential drama again.

The debate between Allen and Darnold could come down to long-term potential. Darnold is considered the surer thing, but Allen may have the greater potential if he can improve some of his accuracy...

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