Titans Opposition Overview: Houston Texans Pt. 1
/ Titans

By Tim Leighton

My apologies for this week’s breakdown taking longer to get out than usual. I initially wanted to wait for a decision regarding Marcus Mariota’s status—we didn’t really end up getting one—and then I came down with a bug which sidelined me for a couple days. (perhaps the Titans’ health issues are spreading to their fan base). Because of the time crunch, example GIFs are taking the week off but will return for the next edition.

The games I selected to watch for Houston game #1 are as follows:

Week 1 - 2018: Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Week 13 - 2017: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans
Week 5 - 2017: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans
Week 4 - 2017: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans
Week 3 - 2017: Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Outside of the obvious inclusion of last week’s game against the Patriots, I chose the others for a few reasons. Last year’s week 13 game in Nashville didn’t include Deshaun Watson, but it did feature Marcus Mariota for four quarters against mostly similar defensive personnel. Watson was on the field for weeks 3,4 (ouch), and 5 and put beaucoup points on the board in every contest. The game plans used by the Patriots and Chiefs can offer some clues on how to exploit the Texans just enough on both sides of the ball to earn a victory,...

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