Tide, Amazon, Eli and OBJ: The top 5 Super Bowl LII commercials
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By By Lisa Redmond

Super Bowl LII was football at its finest from kickoff to the final drive.

If watching a backup quarterback beat the greatest quarterback of our time isn't really your thing, there's always the Super Bowl commercials. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the cost of a Super Bowl ad is five times more than it was in 1995. The average price for a 30-second ad is over $5 million. For $5 million, it better be the best 30-seconds of our lives.

Here are our top five Super Bowl commercials for all of you who were too busy getting a second helping of buffalo chicken dip to watch them.


5. Bud Light: Bud Light Knight

Bud Light has been killing it lately with their ads and they didn't hold back when it came to their Super Bowl commercial. Dilly Dilly.

4. Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman had an epic rap battle with Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott to determine which is better, Doritos Blaze or Mountain Dew? 

3. Amazon: Alexa Lost Her Voice

Featuring Gordan Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins, the ad showcases what would happen if Alexa lost her voice. The 1:30 commercial cost the company a pretty penny, but the outcome was well worth...

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