The six teams most likely to miss the playoffs after making it in 2018-2019
/ Buccaneers

By Michael Colangelo

Alright, let’s talk some logic and some ground rules before someone reads this entire article and gets very mad online. First, getting to the NFL playoffs is very difficult. Making the tournament doesn’t happen every year because of injury, schedule changes, and the game of football is difficult. It only happens consistently when you have Tom Brady as your quarterback, Bill Belichick as your coach, and three other teams in your division that bumble and stumble around every year consistently. So, don’t take this as an insult. Second, there is always turnover in the playoffs. Sometimes team play over their heads. Sometimes teams that have high expectations fail. Sometimes it the schedule change and sometimes it’s just like. What we are trying to do here is guess six teams that made the playoffs last year, but will miss the playoffs this year. Maybe all 12 teams make it back, but that’s not likely. Maybe it’s four teams that turnover. We created the number six and we are sticking to it. So, let’s rank them.

The Ravens play in one of the toughest division in the NFL. The Browns are expected to make the playoffs this year. The Steelers are always good and get to play the no one believed in us card this year. The Bengals have a veteran defense and what may be an offensive guru as a head coach — he did come from the Sean McVay...

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