The Pittsburgh Steelers were hit and miss in 2017 offseason transactions
/ Steelers

By Noah Strackbein

The Pittsburgh Steelers did much more than they usually do last year in free agency, but not every move was beneficial.

It was a busy offseason for Pittsburgh in 2017. For a team who’s usually pretty silent from February to August, the Steelers decided to add the missing pieces and play for a Super Bowl, now.

Not every move was a smart one, but that happens when you play the offseason gambling game. Sometimes you get a diamond in the rough and others you just hope he shows up for training camp. Either way, it’s one of the most exciting aspects of football and Pittsburgh decided it was their turn to join the fun.

Even if the season didn’t finish as planned, this team was fully prepared for a run to Super Bowl LII. But, not everything works out, and now, everyone is sitting around looking at what went wrong.

Not that any of Pittsburgh’s 2017 offseason moves made or broke this season, but some certainly impacted the outcome for the Steelers. Now, looking back, it’s clear to see exactly how each offseason move effected this team. Even if only a few were...

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