The Philadelphia 76ers’ schedule is not as easy as the computer says
/ 76ers

By Stuart London

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

While most people are acting like the Philadelphia 76ers schedule down the stretch is putty soft, when you analyze it closely, it is nowhere near that easy.

At the end of last season, the Philadelphia 76ers faced so many cream-puffs it is surprising some of the players did not get diabetes. The Sixers closed out the 2017-18 year with an NBA-record 16 straight wins, many of them without center Joel Embiid, who fractured the orbit of his eye in a collision with Markelle Fultz.

In theory, this year appears to be a repeat: the 76ers vs. a variety of sad sacks. As of March 29, Tankathon had the Sixers rated with the easiest remaining schedule of the entire NBA.

However, so far, that rating has not been proven on the court, and there is no reason to think the confounding of the computers will not continue.

Consider that the 76ers from March 15 to March 28 had three games against teams which if the season ended that day would be in the playoffs, Boston, Milwaukee and Brooklyn. They also had what should have been a breather against the awful Atlanta...

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