The misery of a gold-blooded fanatic after a rare Warriors playoff loss
/ Warriors

By Daniel Hardee

The defending champion Golden State Warriors only lost one game in the entire postseason last year. And this year, we crushed both the Spurs and Pelicans in relatively uneventful five game series’ that barely required the services of the team’s injured hero, Stephen Curry.

So after winning Game 1 handily in Houston, Game 2 seemed like yet another opportunity to rip out a Western Conference hopeful’s wriggling soul en route to another parade in Oakland.

But P.J. Tucker stood up, and said, “Not today, Golden Empire!”

Wow. Tucker , a guy who averaged six points per game during the regular season, having the greatest game of his life at our expense, is enough to turn even the most even-keeled Dub Nation supporter to hard liquor for the night. #hennygang

So, this morning I woke up a tad glum/hungover. I rolled over in bed and began texting the members of my various basketball related group chats, guys I’ve known for many years who have various team allegiances from all over the country.

Me: Ugh, guys...I can’t believe the Warriors just lost their first Western Conference Finals game since...

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