The McCourty twins need only a wink to communicate
/ Patriots

By Henry McKenna

The McCourty twins deny using their brotherly connection to communicate on the field. But New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick thinks he sees it at work.

The McCourty brothers are in the same secondary for the first time since college when they were both cornerbacks at Rutgers. Now, Devin McCourty lines up at safety, behind Jason McCourty, who has been the No. 2 cornerback since an injury to Eric Rowe in Week 2.

“They can read each other’s body language or kind of get one little motion or one word or one little wink and they kind of know what it means,” Belichick said on Friday. “So, that’s a good thing. Sometimes, you know, you have a full conversation with somebody and there’s a misunderstanding. And sometimes you just look at somebody and they know what you’re thinking, you know what they’re thinking and it makes it a lot easier that way.”

While Jason will admit he was worried about getting cut heading into the regular season — as he played in the fourth preseason game, an irregularity for established veterans — he has been a major contributor in recent weeks. Jason and Stephon Gilmore have proved a tough pair of cornerbacks in coverage. But acclimation to New England’s secondary doesn’t always come naturally. Rowe and Gilmore, for example, were struggling enormously with communication at the start of the 2017 season, which contributed to the Patriots starting...

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