The Levels of Losing applied to Atlanta Sports
/ Falcons

By Adnan Ikic

As you can tell by the title, this won’t be a pleasant article.

Atlanta sports has been a catalyst for pain and suffering for many many decades. The city’s major professional sports teams, the Falcons, Braves, Hawks and Thrashers, have induced a tortured existence of fandom for their fanbases.

I’m personally a huge fan of each of these Atlanta teams and have been for as long as I can remember, and I’m sure many of you are fans of each team as well. While I’m not old enough to have lived through every heartbreaking moment you’ll read on this list, I’ve suffered through most of them and am still waiting to see the first major professional Atlanta sports championship in my lifetime.

One of my favorite columnists, while he was still writing columns for ESPN and Grantland, is Bill Simmons. His columns in his early ESPN days were stellar, in my opinion. One of my favorite articles he’s ever written is the “Levels of Losing” work, detailing 16 different levels of sports heartbreak from least painful to most painful.

In reading the “Levels of Losing” a few times, I recalled heartbreaking moments in Atlanta sports history for nearly every detailed level. In doing so, I put those moments of heartbreaking history into an article, coinciding with Simmons’ work....

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