The Iceman cometh
/ Falcons

By Adnan Ikic

A cold chill descended through the air at the Falcons’ Flowery Branch training facility on Saturday morning, cutting through the 90 degree Georgia heat.

A seemingly inhuman being trudged through the hallways, and was greeted with faces of pure shock and terror in the form of everyone whom he passed by. His destination — Dan Quinn’s cavernous office at the end of the Branch.

The figure left a vestige of ice on each part of floor, wherever he stepped, and he shot the temperature within the facility to a freezing 32 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of his trek.

Dan Quinn’s eyes shot up out of his files before even the first loud bang of the door, which echoed throughout the chambers. His door swung open, and next to him, Steve Sarkisian stood petrified when face to face with the figure. Quinn’s reaction was different, however, a savage grin laid on his face, showing every one of his fangs.

On the other side of that door stood a frozen, White Walker version of Matt Ryan. With crystal blue eyes, he stared directly into Dan Quinn’s face. Quinn, who had sacrificed Ryan to the Great Metal Falcon following the Week 1 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, did say that Ryan may not come back the same man he once was, but it seemed as if he was the only one expecting this type of...

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