The Drive: 2 plays sacrificed but not squandered
/ Seahawks

By John Morgan

I have precious little time this week and so though I wish to ask a big question, I will only be able to answer that question anecdotally.

Hello, all. My name is John Morgan and I deeply enjoy analyzing game tape. More than 10 years ago, that meant analyzing a VHS tape playing back the broadcast of the game on a 20” Sylvania television/DVD player that my wife had fished out of a dumpster. But the world has changed. My world has changed. And now I have access to coaches film. That is why I will attempt to answer a question best answered by coaches film: Can a team temporarily lose scoring potential in order to make a strategic gain which more than balances out that lost potential?

That’s a big question best answered by a comprehensive review of the entire game. I have about five hours free this week. Let us instead look at a short drive in which the Seahawks ran twice unsuccessfully, converted the first by means of Nick Vannett stumbling over his feet just far enough, and hit a bomb to Tyler Lockett matched against Marcus Peters, whom looked to me as if he had maybe suffered the “dolorous wound.” That is to say, he was running a bit...

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